Kite Fishing Charter

Captain Mike and the M and M are well equipped to provide a kite fishing charter for our customers. We have years of experience kite fishing the waters of South Florida. Kite Fishing Charters entails flying a kite to keep your baits on top of the water which greatly improves your shot at having a pelagic fish.

Kite fishing often lands some of the biggest fish we catch. Sailfish and Kingfish often react to the bait that is a couple of feet below the surface of the water. Kite fishing allows you to keep your baits near the surface where these fish tend to feed. Once you get those fish on the hook, they put up a heckuva fight, often flipping and jumping out of the water to try to get off of your hook. This provides an exhilarating experience for the fishermen and a great time is had by all. Kite fishing will also lure in other types of fish that don’t hang out too deep in the ocean. Kite fishing charters are a great way to have an exciting time on the water. Call Captain Mike to book your kite fishing charter today!

Are you ready to reel in the big one?

Your Fishing Adventure Awaits you. Half and full day charters available.

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