Swordfish Fishing Charter

At M and M Fishing Charters, we believe that the Swordfish may be one of the toughest predators in the ocean. The Swordfish is one of the strongest and swiftest fish in the ocean. It puts up a heckuva fight when on a reel. Not only are Swordfish tough, they are also agile and fast. M and M Fishing Charters is one of the few charters to take you out to catch swordfish, and we are proud to help bring them home with our customers. Swordfish can jump out of the water and then dive back down 500 feet in just a few seconds. M and M has reeled in large Swordfish before on our Swordfish Fishing Charters, and we love to keep going after them.

M and M Fishing Charters in South Florida is a great location to fish for Swordfish. In South Florida, the entire year is considered swordfish season, and our Swordfish can be found just twenty miles off shore from our docks. South Florida is well known to be a great hot spot to fish for swordfish, and it is also a nursery area for the species. We have seen large amounts of Swordfish and these are some of our favorite charters. Sometimes, M and M reels in swordfish pups, but they are immediately released. Other times, M and M has caught swordfish that way over 300 pounds. This can lead to an epic battle between fisherman and fish. M and M doesn’t shy away from a battle. Call us today for a swordfish charter.

Are you ready to reel in the big one?

Your Fishing Adventure Awaits you. Half and full day charters available.

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