Tuna Fishing Charter

Tuna are another great fish we at M and M Fishing Charters are able to catch year round. Tuna tend to be at their largest in the spring season, but there are very few days we go out on a charter and come home without a tuna. M and M Fishing Charters sees the largest schools of tuna in the summer, so this is the ideal time to get out on the water with M and M to catch some tuna. We catch tuna by trolling or jigging and also using live bait.Most Tuna are found in waters offshore that are deeper than 600 feet. M and M has found the best success catching Skipjack by trolling for them. They are often found under birds flying above the deep waters as well.

M and M Fishing Charters mostly finds Black Fin Tuna on the edge of the deep reef. The waters out there are about 100 feet deep, but can hit depths of close to 1,000 feet. Black Fin Tuna can range in size from just a few pounds to up to thirty pounds. Often, M and M finds Black Fin under birds flying and around ship wrecks. The wrecks off shore are in waters up to 400 feet deep and can often provide shelter for the Black Fin. M and M catches the largest of the Black Fin tuna using live bait and Kite Fishing. Some of the bait we use include herring, Sardine & Goggle Eyes. If we’re lucky, we might even catch a Yellow Fin tuna off the shores of South Florida. The warmer waters are generally not conducive to finding the biggest tuna, but M and M has seen them before. We’ve even reeled in ones over 100 pounds. Call us today to book your tuna fishing charter with M and M.

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