Kingfish Fishing Charter

Kingfish, also known as King Mackerel, is a migratory species of the mackerel family that makes its home in the Western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.  Kingfish are medium sized fish, averaging between five and thirty pounds. Kingfish, however, have been caught reaching sizes up to six feet long and over 100 pounds. Kingfish can be found year-round in south Florida, where the water temperature is almost always above 70 degrees.

M and M Fishing Charters utilizes the most modern technology and the highest quality bait and tackle to target Kingfish. Commonly referred to as a “Smoker” because of the speed in which it annihilates the bait and peels off drag, Kingfish’s cutting edged teeth are known to slice through any monofilament or fluorocarbon line.  Utilizing a short piece of wire greatly increases your chances at battling one of these ocean warriors.

M and M Fishing Charters typically targets Kingfish while drifting. We do this by flying a kite to keep all tackle out of the water, which greatly improves your shot at landing a Kingfish.  While flying kites off one side of the boat, you can put out flat lines on the surface and deep baits to cover all your bases.  Other methods we employ to catch Kingfish include trolling lures. Trolling is a highly effective technique because it doesn’t give the fish a chance to think before it eats. Vertical jigs work well too, jigging up and down at a fast pace usually next to a deep ledge or reef.

Are you ready to reel in the big one?

Your Fishing Adventure Awaits you. Half and full day charters available.

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