Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter

Mahi-mahi, or as more scientifically known, the dolphin, is a common fish found on M and M’s Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters. Mahi-mahi is a great fish for both first time fishermen or the most seasoned anglers. This is because they are found in large schools and provide high flying action as they are very acrobatic once they’re on a hook. Mahi-mahi’s colors are bright and beautiful, with hues of green, blue, yellow and silver all mixed in. Along with the excitement mahi-mahi provides when hooked, they are delicious to bring home from your fun day with M and M for dinner.

M and M Fishing Charters frequently bring home mahi-mahi because they can be caught year-round in Florida. Most often, mahi-mahi is caught while using live baits or trolling.

Mahi-mahi range in size from just a few pounds to upwards of 50 pounds. Large schools of dolphin can be found offshore in the Gulfstream. These schools can be a few miles from shore and M and M has great experience in finding these schools, ensuring you go home with some dinner!  Often times, you can hook a dolphin and look down and literally see hundreds of other mahi-mahi swimming below. Call us at M and M Fishing Charters to book your mahi-mahi trip today!

Are you ready to reel in the big one?

Your Fishing Adventure Awaits you. Half and full day charters available.

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